by Peter Marus

Well, tommorrow I got my second round interview/all-day presentation of what I would be doing if I was hired by this group. I have no high expectations about this, something still seems shady about all this. I"m going for the experience, and see if this jobis what I really think it is: a glorified door-to-door salesman. If after all this I hear the word "commission" more than salary, I"m going to jet. I can't do a comission job, no matter how much you kill yourself and sacrifice to do all the work, you don't make the money back. On the bright side, a ambulatory service in Queens here said they want to set up an interview about a medical billing position, so I'm definatly going to do that.

This weekend looks like a washout...and that really aggrivates me. I planned on going out to Brooklyn and runnig one of my R/C cars out there, something I haven't don in a while and something I need to do to clear my head.