by Peter Marus

Hi all I really got nothing tonight, but I thought I would write. Yesterday I went to an almost of a clusterfuck of a BBQ, but I somehow saved the day with my grill and pop-up tent. It was a great time in the end with kick ass food and some decent people. I never ate so good in a while, but I payed for it today!!!

Tonight was a mess watching the Red Bulls shit the bed and fall 4-0 to Houston. The team looked horrible, I stopped watching halfway into the second half. So I came onto my computer and made a new ringtone. It's based on the A.F.R.O. Theme. What the hell is that you say? I'll tell ya, jackass!!! A.F.R.O. Is the first letters of the hosts of two radio shows Opie and Anthony and Ron and Fez. When all four are on a show together hanging out, it's called an A.F.R.O. Show. The song is a remix by a DJ named Dru Boogie, and is more of a mashup of the two shows' theme songs (O&A's RATM's “Streetfighting Man”, and Ron and Fez's old theme song from WNEW Insane Clown Posse's “Oddities”). Here's a link to the song, and I took the first 30 seconds and put it as the ringtone to my phone:

yeah I sound like a dork....but me, it's a cool mashup and sounds cool on my damn phone.