by Peter Marus

Just throwing up some thoughts before the weekend.

First, German has to be the least sexiest language. I heard a couple tourist talking in German and it's just an ugly language. It always sound angry or demanding. Dirty talk in German must end up sounding like a rape or some form of sexual assault.

The worlds most overrated director, M. Night Shamanan (don't care if his name is spelt right or not), has a new movie out today. From the previews it looks like it stinks, and I wonder if the big twist in the end is that it actually is good. Actually the big twist is That the mysterious problem killing the people is the plants and trees are causing a neurotoxin because the environment is fighting back against humanity after all the damage they have done. OOOH, did I just spoil the movie for anyone??? Maybe I did, maybe not. Maybe I am talking out of my ass, or maybe I care about all you people enough to try and save you money and time from seeing another piece of garbage from someone who is nothing more than an flash in the pan, glorified PA.

that's it...time to get drunk