by Peter Marus

OK where to begin about what has been going on. This weekend has been expensive but fun. Friday night I went out to celebrate a friends birthday, and beyond the crowd at the bar for the playoff game at the start, it wasn't that bad. There was a Tequila company pimping out their wares, and I had a Gaucho hat at some point but I left it at the bar. It was nice to see my friends and just hang out. One highlight was this one chick that was hitting on every guy there, single or not, and after a bunch of drinks she threw up all over the place, including on the guy who organized the party. There was also a near brawl outside of the bar, but then again thats all par for the course whenever there's a party.

Last night I went t a bachelor party with the same guys I hung out with the night before and the three brothers of the bachelor. I was asked to go play paint-ball with them during the day, but with my ankle and the fact my job requires me to walk and move stuff, I wouldn't make it into work Monday. So last night I got to the restaurant and had to wait for over an hour for everyone to show up. When they finally arrived, we ate. And Boy did we eat!!! We went to a restaurant that offers it's food in the Italian family style, and the food this place made was fantastic.

After the dinner we went out to try to get the groom drunk. Tried is the operative word, since at the end of the night he seemed the most sober of al of us. Everyone was buying him drinks and shots,but he seemed to not be affected by it. I did learn last night that his brothers are fun, but also a bunch of psychopaths. They are all chain smoking hard drinking animals who if there weren't any bouncers or cops around they probably would have kicked the shit out each other, but one's apparently got game since he was keeping his pimp hand strong with three chicks, and the other two were just hanging aback watching with a sense of pride, and in a state of awe like most of us were. In the end it was a long, expensive, but fun night.

The past few days were a tad expensive, since I plan on getting a LCD TV soon and this weekend may have pushed those plans back, but it was something I needed. I've had a lot of things lately that has need frustrating me, and this was a good time to just not think about all of that stuff. I'm trying to not worry about what is frustrating me, since most of it is out of my control, but it is still annoying to me when no one tells me what I feel I need to know. I probably said this a few times, but I am not good with vagueness or ambiguity, I need to know things and where I stand a lot of the time. When I don't know what I feel I need to know, I am annoying and obnoxious when I try to find all this out. Does sometimes hurt me when I act like this? sure, but at the same time when others expect me to let them know what is up with me and answer anything they want, why the hell can't I ask for the same and expect it from them? So this weekend has been good for me.

As I said before, I am looking at getting a LCD TV. I've been looking around, and so far I am looking mostly at the Vizio line, since they are getting some good grades and reviews. As far as size, I have to see prices but anything between 32-47 inches. I still have to check out a few details, but I'm hoping to get it within the next month or so.