by Peter Marus

I can’t wait. Next week I get DSL in this mofo!!!! That means no more AOL for me (my family is going to keep using it, I’m going with the MSN Verizon gives with the DSL). That means I’m getting a new email address and I think I’ll only have one now. I have one for my fun stuff, and the one for my job stuff. I’m gong to stay with just one and play around with Outlook to help file the emails I get. What sucks is all the sites I have to go to now and update my info!!! This also means I have to redo my image links, but that’s no big deal once I figure all that out. So if things seem screwy, it’ll take a little bit for me to fix right. And with DSL I can do it in minutes as far as uploading to the web space they give me and with the FTP program I have. I need to just figure out everything as far as the addresses and all, and I’ll be set. Oh and my cousin also tells me Porno looks MUCH better with DSL…at least that’s what he’s heard of course, he is a married man…you put 2 and 2 together!!!! Only thing of the whole thing that I’m sort of not looking forward to is the networking of all my computers in this house. I was warned that it can be a ball buster, but hopefully luck will be on my side. I’ll let you all know what my new email is soon, along with my new AIM name that I just got but won’t be using for a while. Let me know if you want all that and I’ll decide if you are worthy

Everyday I have this XM free trial I love it even more!!! I don’t know if I’m going to get the roady home kit now, I may just stay with the online stream at home (though I don’t get all the channels, I get enough that I like) and keep the Roady in my car. Maybe down the road I”ll get the home kit, the only thing Xm doesn’t stream are things they don’t’ won outright (the talk shows on their hot talk channel-all owned be Clear Channel or other media entities, and all their sports channels-they are all either Fox, ESPN, or Sporting News, and a couple music channels programmed by Disney and other media companies). What you get online is all the music channels and OPIE AND ANTHONY!!!! Oh yeah, it may also include Ron and Fez, but that’s been speculated for months…and is the worst secret ever since it’s a given they are going to XM as soon as September. Technology is a beautiful thing!!!!