by Peter Marus

Man I must have been killing myself this week. I didn't realize how tired I was until I got home today. I get home, change, and sit in my recliner at about 3pm. I closed my eyes and it was 5:30. It was interesting considering I was getting a lot of sleep at night, and I didn't really feel tired. Guess it just was one of those things that sleep catches up on you. I had a ton of work this week, and the past couple days I've been getting used to the new person at my job. my boss is helping her get used to the place, and we are re-arraigning stuff to make things easier for the both of us. It's an interesting feeling, where I am glad to see that the potential of my job getting much easier, but at the same time I am nervous with the re-arraigning it is starting to show the things I have been neglecting. It's not really been brought up, since my boss understands the amount of work I have been putting in to keep the building running. I am not really putting too much thought/worry into it, just it's something natural for one to get a little nervous when your boss sees that somethings aren't up to snuff. But like I said, my boss has given me a lot of leeway considering the circumstances.

One of the things on my mind recently is that I am seriously considering getting out of the R/C hobby. Why you may ask? Mostly I haven't done anything with it in months, mostly due to I had to catch up on things I couldn't' do because of my old schedule. I also lost the “passion” to do it. It's something that doesn't get me “up” to do, and all my gear is collecting dust in the basement. So I am thinking of selling my gear and just getting out of the hobby. I sorta feel sad about it, but at the same time I haven't had a need to get back into the hobby.