by Peter Marus

-This weekend was good for me. Although I was a little down about Thursday, The weekend that followed it was really good. I spent the weekend working part of the day Friday, but almost no one was there so it was all good. There was the Hot chick that I see a lot and she smiles and says hi to me from time to time, so the bordem wasn't so bad. Side note: I wouldn't really persue anything with her anyway, just something about being in the same workplace that could complicate things. I barely talk to her anyway, and if I were to talk to her more, it would probably be keeping her form her job since she is an admin. and always busy at her desk. Still it gives me motivation to work around her part of the building!!! That night I hung out with my cousin, and we both needed to hang out. It was nice to see him, and he seemed like he as glad to see me too. It helped blow some steam out over some things that happened earlier in the week that put me in a bad mood.

Saturday was a nice day wher I just hung out around the house and did nothing. For the most part I just watched college football and think. I felt better thinking and reading some books I haven't read in a while and they all put things in perspective. That night I spent the night in my room listening to the “Black Phillip” show, AKA “Bitch Managment” hosted by Patrice Oneal. It's a show where the comic gives his views on relationships and how they should be handled. It's a great show, and I learned a lot about myself through it. Let's just say I am a “black and White” kind of guy, and for some reason a lot of grey has been getting stuck in my life and messing things up. I feel as if now my head is clearer and that I am ready to resume how I SHOULD be living my life, especially sine this grayness led to what happened ealy this week (not the actual incident, but the period leading up to it). The way i have been handling people lately has been not how I should be, and that is going to change now. I know what I want form people in my life, and if they can't handle it, nice knowing you or shut up and deal with it. It's my life and I am the one in control here.

-Those who are wondering what I want for Christmas? Like I told my family I want just work clothes and, as Randy moss said, straight cash homies!!! I really need more polo shirts and khakis for work, and just give me money and I can get what I want rather than have you freak out wondering what I want. I still need to do some shopping still, but it may not be all actual gifts.

-I need new music to listen to. I need some new bands to listen to. Anyone got any ideas email me, Myspace me, whatever. Just need some new sounds.