by Peter Marus has the latest “Lazlow show” episode up. Check it out, and buy something from his site!! Sure he’s made thousands off Rockstar Games and the games he’s worked on, but his radio show is awesome and he deserves to get money for it. Plus proceeds of the show got to help out Big Wayne, who is THE MAN if you’ve heard him on the show!!! I make no money off this pimping, just want to spread the word

So the Illuminati have decided to put Obama in as the leader of the puppet government. Apparently Obama had his “meetings” with the FBI and several other government agencies to get brief on things. I think it was the Illuminati’s meeting with him to show Obama what really happened to Kennedy and to mention that if he doesn’t stay in line he’ll get it like JFK.

One note about the election coverage. I listened to the “Ron and Fez” show and their “Political Thunderdome Show” where they were on from 7-midnight covering the election and just entertain people through all this. They are truly the reason I keep my XM, their show never disappoints as far as comedic value.

I’m excited to see this inauguration. I was thinking about all the white presidents had their fossil rock bands to play songs of their day at these events. With Obama, there’s a chance of getting some nice Funk up in that party. Just think of the possibilities. Maybe Kool and the Gang, or the Ohio Players will be dishing out some nice jams for the event. I would love to see George Clinton and Parliament Funkadellic play just so I can here the phrase “the mothership has descended upon the White House.”

They already are starting to make some modifications to the Presidential motor pool:

And of course I found video of a preacher, a true man of the cloth explaining Obama’s struggles during the campaign and how God helped him rise up above it all to succeed:

Yeah, I’ve posted these before. So what, I find them funny, and as far as this thing goes if it makes me laugh it goes up on here!!!!