by Peter Marus

It's been a while so let's talk about what's going on in my life (I'm sure the 4 people the read this are DYING to know, though the people who read this already know...)

-My cousin and his wife got himself a nice phat ride!! a nice 2005 Accord. I went with them to pick it up, which I was told it would take no more than a half hour.....Well about 2 and a half hours and I think 2 buck worth of my cousin's quarters to feed the meter, they finally got the car. they were even nice enough to let me ride in it to the U-haul place, since they had to get some packing supplies. Gotta say it was amazing riding in a car where the suspension actually absorbed bumps, unlike mine and my cousin's old POS cars. Another thing that I found funny was my cousin's ball busting about my "light red" amazes me when the people who need rides ask AFTER they rag on me about the color of my car!!! If his wife wasn't in the car, I would have let out the nastiest fart in his new car, at the very least to get rid of that pesky "new car" smell!!!

-My great Aunt died last week, she was 99 years old. I personally wasn't too sad about it, not in a mean way, but the fact she lived 99 years (two months short of 100) was impressive. The wake was cool to see some of my family come out, which sorta surprised me, but made me happy to see them. The funeral itself was really sad. Only 6 of us went (well, at 99 she outlived most of her generation of the family). But it was a nice service anyway. What really surprised me was that my aunt and uncle from my mom's side came into the city to be at the wake for a little bit, and my aunt from the Island came in for the funeral service (so that made 7 at the service itself).

-Tomorrow I have a second interview with a financial advisor group about an entry level position. It is a entry level position where they train me to be a financial advisor (train me for the certifications and all). I am so nervous about this whole thing, every interview I go for now I feel like it's going to be my last. I have this fear that I'll be rejected from EVERY job here in the area, and I'm destined to not now you see why I'm up writing this at 1 am and not sleeping. Eh, oh well...we'll see what happens, hopefully this crapshoot won't come up craps