by Peter Marus

This is what I wrote in response to an entire thread dedicated to me and this blog. Check it out at

wow any attention is good attention. Solves the mystery if those read what I write. I wasn't going to even respond to this, but since it was brought to my attention and apparently nothing else is going on in this world that my blog is such a high priority in some people's lives here, I thought I would.

"Hate blog" is really comical to me. I don't know why but it just does. Let me ask you this: if i was so hateful and racist, why would I have bought a scarf, and always bring to games, that says "FANS AGAINST RACISM"? Why would I hang out and volunteer to help with the ESC, that last I saw is a pretty damn diverse group of individuals if I had all this hatred, and if this hatred was so prominent, wouldn't I have been kicked out for said "problems" as one put? If I had all these issues, Would Dan have let me write for at one point, something I was thinking of starting up again, you know contributing to this site that many of you just take for granted. And as fatcat said, Would I have let him tat me up if I was a racist and hated others that weren't white? And not only that, I've been plugging the hell out of his shop to anyone thinking of getting a tattoo due to the excellent job he did trying to get the guy as much business as I can for him. Besides, if Fatcat didnt like what I said, he had every right to refuse giving me service, or tell his co worker, an ex-Isreali army dude BTW, about my "problems" and I probably wouldn't have made out the door of his parlor.

Look, call me whatever you want, it's your fucking choice, I've been called worse. What I write is what my opinion, and I try to show how FUCKING ABSURD shit is in this world and in mine. It's not my job to guide people through everything I say or write by the hand to explain what's humor and what's not. I could go through and put stupid shit like [funny part coming] [/funny part coming] but I quite frankly don't have the time to deal with you people, the truly ignorant and hypocrites. Those who claim to believe in free speech, but only if it fits your agenda. Those who take things at face value, and not ever try to think in the sense of CONTEXT-maybe I'm trying to make a fucking joke and make whoever reading my writing chuckle or think about about a subject in a different light, maybe making someone see how stupid some of the things in this world is just that, stupid.

Maybe I'm a tad harsh with how I say things-BOO FUCKING HOO. This world is a harsh place, no matter how many of you try to force everyone to "fall in line" and just include everyone and hold hands and dance in the meadow, it will never happen. Someone is going to not like someone else, no matter if it's legit or just ignorant, that's how life is. I'm not speaking out of hatred, I am speaking out of another H-word, Honesty. What I say is as honest as I can possibly be with what I see around me. I make no apologies for doing so, and why should I if I feel what I am saying/writing is the my truly honest opinion?

I NEVER have sat at my laptop thinking "Oh, I may hurt someone's feelings with what I write." I honestly give two shits about what others think. Those who get it will, those who don't get it don't. I only have a limited time on this planet (as everyone does), why should I be so concerned about other's feelings when I have and feel like I have something to say?

If you like what I write, good for you. I hope you can keep reading it and at the very least respect my opinion. If you don't like it, then STOP FUCKING READING. Use YOUR right as an American and chose not to read my views. So I ask you, why are you even bothering? Do you get off thinking that you have some moral outrage you can ride the coattails of and fan the flames of to get a little more "rep" on this board or in the group? Maybe think it's an opportunity to push whatever agenda you are behind, and try to make me somehow the face of what you are crusading against? Please, All you are showing is that you are no more of an attention whore than me, but the difference is that I don't bullshit others with a false front of "outrage" about whatever the hell I write. Trust me, if you are so outraged with what people say or do, why haven't you asked the ESC to kick out these people, and there are some in the group that have said even dumber shit than I have

Maybe you people haven't noticed, but many of my entries are about myself, and how I have been trying to cope with various things that have gone on in my life, some serious things, some petty things, but things nonetheless. Maybe you haven't seen that no matter whatever the fuck you can say about me, I've probably said even worse about myself, because throughout all my life, I've been the most brutal critic of myself, so no matter what "label" you put on me (which is ironic since I thought all you who want everyone included would be AGAINST labels of race, gender, creed, or other-yet another hypocritical aspect of your agenda), trust me I've probably said worse of myself.

Ok enough of my time on you people, I know that what i say rubs people the wrong way, so what. I know that I could be kicked out of a lot of things because of what I said, oh well. At the end of the day, I can say I am honest about myself and how I feel. How many of YOU can truly say that about yourselves?

So, I'm sure this will go on for a bit, as you all hide behind your screen names, since you all will be tough here, why not in 16a? i"ll be there, if you feel SO passionate about what you claim here, come up and talk. I am not hard to find. Otherwise, Find something else to be outraged about, one blog on the internet isn't something to get so outraged over when there are MUCH bigger issues in this world-but that would require you to do some work to deal with those bigger issues, wouldn't it?