by Peter Marus

Got a lil update on the bachelor party the other night. It seems the bachelor wasn't as good as we all thought. Seems after the 20 shots, god knows how many Coronas, Grolsch, and Jack Daniel, it finally was too much for him and now his brother either has to get some heavy duty cleaner for the inside and outside of his car. Last night I went to a dinner to celebrate a birthday, and the bachelor and his chick was there as well. They arrive, and he looked like he either came out of rehab or the nut hut. He was in gym shorts, sweater, and carrying a water bottle. As soon as he sees me and the crew that took him out, all he did was point at each of us screaming “FUCK YOU”. Now, on top of the story of him puking in and out of the car, apparently his brothers, who can be best described as the Hansen Brothers from “slap shot” without the hockey gear, have pics of the bachelor during all this, and also apparently him sprawled out on his deck passed out. Sick part is that me and the guys were pleased that all the money and alcohol shoved down his throat didn't go in vain. Another thing I noticed was his chick wasn't pissed we did that much damage to the guy. Not sure what that really means, but that was interesting to me

Note to whoever is going to the wedding, if said alleged pics surface, please get me a copy of them or email them to me.

Other than all this, the dinner was fine, a tad hot in the apartment, but it was nice. Food kicked ass and I went to work hungover from this weekend. On the bright side, Columbus day meant light day at work, so it wasn't that bad. This weekend made me feel like my college days, drinking and hijinx. Almost broke me financially, but it was a good weekend, just realized I can't do that much partying in such a short time anymore. Got that all out in college.

Random thing on my mind. If you watch “Ultimate Fighter” and don't think Matt Hughes isn't a douchebag on the show, you must be as pretentious and arrogant as he is. Matt Serra is going to tear him apart when they fight at the end of the season. Also on a TV note: You are missing a great show if you aren't watching “It's always sunny in Philadelphia” or “Shark.” Both are the few shows these days I want to watch, since most TV now is one step above public access quality.

That's it, I got in from work a few minutes ago (about 3pm), and now I gotta go take my nap.