by Peter Marus

Pedro's going to his Step-daddy, for $56 Mil.....I would be happy with this, but one small thing, he doesn't want an MRI done on his shoulder, AND THE MORON METS AGREED TO IT!!! This is the shoulder that's attached to a power pitcher, who has past problems with it, and has used it a whole hell of a lot in his career. Let me explain this as well....if the Mets dont' get the MRI, there's no chance in hell they could get this contract insured. Let's see the short history of the Mets "medical decisions"

Mo Vaughn- "Gee, he hasn't played in over a year, so I guess that means he's well rested.."

Vlad Guererro- "uh oh, that back doesn't look like it's gonig to last, we should pass on him..."

Mike Piazza- "his knees are shot, but at least his bat will carry us.."

A-Rod- "there's something here that doesn't look right, we'll pass on him..."

Tom Glavine- "sure he's an old pitcher and looks like he lost something on his pitches...but he always beat us. So lets sighn him so he can dominate others like he did us..."

I"m convinced that the Doctor the Mets use for this is named Dr. Nick Riviera....

On the bright side, I bet the MidgetPedro has tag along with him comes along.