by Peter Marus

Just a few thoughts tonight.

First, this election is so damn annoying to watch and follow. Clinton won't get out of it even though she has zero chance to win outside of Obama getting shot or something, and I think the only reason she is still in it so she can go “Well I was the other viable candidate in the Primary the Democrats could have voted for” if and when Obama loss to McCain. Ironic part is the longer she is still in, the more divided and disorganized the party gets. But hey, it's her money and family she is plunging into massive debt, so it's her choice to do this waste of time. Hell, the whole voting process doesn't matter anyway since the Illuminati runs the country and all the industries in this country. Well, not all industries....the Entertainment and Banking industries are ran by another group apparently. But the Illuminati do run these on certain religious holidays and on the sabbaths of the other group's affiliation to make sure the illusion is kept up.

I started growing in my mustache again to fill in the goatee again. Have to for a party, and luckily I will be getting rid of it the day after said party. This party has a theme/gimmick, and I chose the only one I could pull off without dumping a lot of money on it (rather do that for Halloween). I did get the T-shirt needed for this today, and now I am all set. I prefer to not have the mustache and just keep the lower part, many women have complimented me on the look and I think I look good with my facial hair like that....but then again, when DON'T I look good??

Speaking of women, I have to say this after the past few weeks. Looks alone won't get you anywhere with guys like me (if there are any other out there like me, I think I'm unique and the best of them all, but I”m a tad biased). To me, a woman with a nice set of eyes, ass, and chest are a dime-a-dozen. I can walk around my block and see at least five to six women I would consider attractive. All that is just filler after you open your mouth and reveal your personality. That's when women have to really step up their game and get “right” in the head I feel. “Sex and the City” is a shitty show and soon to be shitty movie, it is NOT reality. Unless you want to be a cougar who comes off as desperate and not sexy, STOP thinking it is reality. Stop acting you like to have a “Strong” man in your life, but still feel the world revolves around you and men are here to be your lap dogs. You can't have it all in life. Men like me won't hang around waiting for you, we got other things to worry about than if we are single or not. We don't need someone there wasting our time with their hard to get crap, or the “I'll just keep a bunch of guys around to take me out on dates because it helps raise my almost non-existent self esteem” crap. Guys like me don't play second fiddle to anyone or anything, plus if women don't put the effort in to make it worth our time to bother with them, we are as soon as gone when something shiny comes by to take our attention away like we have ADD.

I was told by a wise man once “When you chase something, in the end it most likely won't be worth it after all the bullshit you go through to get it. If it something to be attained and caught, it will let itself be caught” A wise man indeed....who also told me that the best way to tell how comfortable you are with someone is if you can drop a deuce in their bathroom and not feel guilty about it. One more lesson I finally learned after a few failures: If someone leaves your life on not-so-good terms and are now in the past, leave them there and never bring them back into your life or let them back in if they contact you/beg to come back into your life. Most likely they haven't changed, even if they promise you they have. Once a piece of trash, always a piece of trash, so don't put yourself through the bullshit.

Yep, I am a tad jaded with the whole humanity thing. But remember I'm always the crazy one, the one who doesn't know what the hell he is talking about, yet somehow whatever I say comes true.