by Peter Marus

Well this weekend I made a a life-altering decision that may have shortened that potential dating pool to more of a puddle. After a lot of thought and choosing how I am going to live my life now from my past post, I came to the decision that I do not want children. I just feel like I wouldn't make a good parent, and that parenting is a commitment and an act of unselfishness that I am not willing or ready to make. Believe me, I realize that this choice has the potential to leave me alone and with no one later in my life, but I cant' see myself having a kid to just have someone in my life. That's a HUGE compromise I do not want to make, much less any compromise in any part of my life.

I can care less what others think, this is how I want to live my life. Deal with it. Maybe I”ll find someone with the same attitude and mindset as I do and live a happy life with them. I rather live alone and know I am living what I feel is right, than compromise an not have what I want, and live in a state of denial and unfulfilled.