by Peter Marus

This is how the government works from all that I have learned and read. I hope the following questions are answered that many have of the government:

Why does some of what is considered a “church” issues are dealt with by the “state”, when there is supposed to be a direct separation of both?

Why does the government seem more dramatic over issues or laws than they really have to be?

Why do we deal with states that should in reality be destroyed, and allow them to control oil through an illegal cartel, and then allow them to invest and buy obscenely amounts of money and influence in our country?

Why does whoever claim to be for “change”, in the end help keep the status quo of this government?

How come some in government who can be perceived as failures profit and live in wealth, while those who seem to be making noise, either toil in government or are even killed either by “accident”, or murder?

Why is Scientology bashed in the media?

What the hell is with all the symbols on the money?

How come our form of Democracy has lasted over 200 years with the same basic rules, while other democracies have had to go through at least one reorganization in their history?

  • This country isn't ran by the executive, Judicial, or the Legislative arms. The country is actually ran by a group of the heads of industry and affluent men called the Illuminati
  • The Illuminati were first affluent Englishmen who left England, not just for religious freedom, but also to have control and more wealth, something not allowed under the monarchy in England.
  • When the time came, The Illuminati decided that the time came and decided to declare independence from England, hence the Declaration of Independence and the Revolutionary War.
  • After the Revolutionary War, it was time to form a government. Rather have an obvious totalitarian government, which they just rebelled against, it was decided that the Illuminati would have their power, but hide it under a republic-style government, where the people will have the illusion of a representative government but those who have the power will pull the strings from behind the curtain. 
  • Many of the Illuminati head the largest of industry, as well as control the individual wealth in not just this country, but as well influence and control the rest of this world in economic, military, and social, means.
  • Whenever anyone is chosen by the Illuminati to work in government, but to us they are “elected to office,” even the President of the United States, they are secretly told by the Illuminati what their role is. I they do heir roles correctly, they will be rewarded with more power and/or compensated for their work. If they challenge their role, they will have their lives ruined, possibly ended. 
  • No matter what law is created, voted on, and debated is all one large orchestration of the Illuminati to give the impression of the government that is supposed to represent the American people is working.
  • The heads off all major industries have people in Washington to “sell” their agendas to the “elected officials”, but in reality these people are there to ensure that all the roles defined by the Illuminati are followed. If they are, the “elected official” is rewarded with a bonus under the guise of “contributions”
  • Organized religion also are intertwined with the illuminati, despite the statement that there is a separation between church and state, but some of the issues of the church (ex laws, abortion, etc.) are made into state law to appease religion. But the illuminati conceded the media and entertainment industries to the Jewish, who had grown in affluence themselves. In return the Jews make sure the media and entertainment keeps the truth from coming out to public, as well as the support of the state of Israel in economic, political, and, military means. 
  • The Arabs are also a part of this web. America gives the Arabs money or equity partnership for their oil, but in return, the Arabs reinvest the money back into America in the form of purchasing equipment to drill for oil or other goods
  • Some may say why the Illuminati supports and helps both the Jews and Arabs. First, both have what the Illuminati have to keep their power. Also, the Illuminati and America profits form war in this world, so supporting both sides maximizes profit and power, and when either is exploited they are dealt with.
  • The only real threat today to the Illuminati is Scientology and their followers. the followers of Scientology are some of entertainment's top stars and executives. This is why the media relentlessly attacks them to try to knock them down in their influence.
  • Some may wonder why the Catholics are also a target of the Illuminati due to some of the media attention the Catholics receive, especially if organized religion are in partnership with them. This is more due to the deep seeded rivalry that goes back to when the Church of England as formed in protest of the Pope and the Catholic Church.

There are more things I could put to prove all this, but I will direct you to this link to show some other ideas that have been thrown around that our country is starting to move to the “New World Order.” I am neither for or against all this and how this country works since I have no affect on society, and I can live in the bliss that things are being taken care of.