by Peter Marus

-Took down decorations this week, and the house looks really depressing now. It's all dark and cold. On top of this, I get an email from a friend that told me a truth about something going on in my life, and I was put in areal happy mood today.

-Been getting more and more into online gaming with my Xbox360 lately. been mostly playing with friends, but also going online to get my points up and also blow off some steam. The game du jour is “Call of Duty 4”, and it's a fun game. It's one of those games where you earn by playing, and you earn upgrades on the weapons you have, and some skills. Part of the fun is the people you play with and how they talk. For some reason, I find myself in a game with a bunch of hicks and heyseeds who spout off some of the most racist remarks during the game through the headsets people have. Of course you get the 14-year olds who just talk and talk and talk, and won't SHUT UP!!! But mostly I play with people I know, and those games don't' count to rankings, but for bragging rights. Last weekend I spent hours online playing, and it's something I wish I could do a little bit more during the week, but can't due to my schedule. I”m not going to be getting into it to the point where it takes over my life, but just something to do at night when there's nothing on TV.

-I”ve been throwing around the idea of going on a diet. I got on the scale the other day and say that I was almost 240 lbs again. Not sure where the hell all that weight came from, but it did. I was looking around at a couple things as far as diets, and I am seriously looking at the “Slim Fast” ting, where you drink shakes, once for breakfast and one for lunch, then have dinner. Still looking into that, so nothing finalized.

-I heard about this site from the Opie and Anthony show: a test to figure out the right candidate for you. I took it and it said the best one for me to vote for is Rudy Giuliani...must be something broken with this test.....