by Peter Marus

Now, if anyone comes up to me after watching that Metro-DC flusterf*ck Saturday night and tells me MLS/USSF hasn't fixed the MLS Playoffs to get that 15-year old assclown into the finals, they're going to find themselves with a crushed windpipe.
Mind you, usually the refs suck when the Metros meet the scum (only one of 2 sets of refs are used). Both are for some reason rated as the best in the US, but when they do a Metro-Scum game, they look like they shouldn't be reffing a Rec. league game. Last night, I say a decreped old man (stewart) be at least 10 yards offside when he recived the pass that was the set up for the first goal. Next, amongst the several non- and phantom- calls that went in the Scum's favor, I saw the WORST non call in the history of the MLS. Late in the second half, Metros forward had the ball in the penalty area, where he was hit in the back by a defenders' elbow and shoulder and went down......AND NO F*CKING CALL!!!!!! this was in front of the ref, and every player on the field!!! If this wasn't a clear indication that Metros always play against two teams when the Metros meet the Scum, I don't know what is!!!!
I didn't even plan on going to the game Sat. night. I was trying to get plans together to hang out with someone on Saturday, but since I heard NOTHING about a yes or no as far as if she wanted to hang out, I found myself with a free day to go to the game, and was able to use the $$ I was going to use for my plans for a ticket, and enough beer to get nice and hammered before the game. I was in a bit of a bad mood about my original idea going to hell, but I'm at the point of i'm done talking to voicemail now and if she wants to get a hold of me, she's got my number.
On the bright side, my other soccer team (and one I"m a shareholder in), Manchester United, pimpslapped the Gunners today 2-0, snapping the 49-game unbeaten streak Arsenal was so proud of!!!! I wish I could have seen the entire game (on PPV, but FSW should be showing it this week on replay), but from the highlights it looked like it was a real slugfest and ManU showed everyone how great they can be., if they could play like that every week, they wouldn't be 8 points out of first and they would be owning the UEFA Champions League!!!!
Anther bright side is that the Sox are 2 games away from winning it all, and if my hunch is correct, the Earth will open up and swallow the entire city. But my other theroies is that the people of boston will turn the city into a pile of rubble, or all life and existance will end instantly when the last out is recorded. But then again, after all the celebration you could see four men on hrses with flaming swords....