by Peter Marus

So I got a job now, and it fucking horrible!!!! It's a proxy solicitor at the Altman Group in Lyndhurst, NJ. Basically what I do is I call shareholders of companies that contract Altman to see if they received their proxy materials and ask them if they would like to vote their shares over the telephone. My shift goes from 4-11pm, which means that I have to leave my house at 2 (even earlier on Fridays-I learned that yesterday when I was almost an hour late) to fight traffic in Manhattan to get to the Lincoln Tunnel and get to my job. Then after 11, I drive back through the city and I'm home by 12. Why take NJ Transit you ask? Well, the last bus going to the City leaves at 11:08pm, and the stop if 2-3 blocks away and my asshole bosses won't allow the people from NYC out early, so they have to sprint to the stop or stay in the overpriced hotels nearby. So in other words, I have no choice but to take my car and pay the tolls and extreme gas prices.

So far the shareholders I have called are sick of hearing from our group (the thing we are calling about was supposed to be voted on in February, but not enough shareholders participated, so 4 meetings have been adjourned and the next one is on the 31st), and people just want us to stop calling. Of course we can't until this is done, so the cycle continues. My "leaders" are some of the biggest assclowns I've had in charge of me. One is too damn hyper and bounces around the halls trying to coach us up with every cliché every coach has ever said. The other is a black dude, but like the “Uncle Tom” type (he's trying too hard to/be sound white.) It’s pathetic, you can hear him strain to keep sounding white, It’s insulting. This guy also paces back and forth in the halls between cubicles and stands behinds people to hear/see what they are doing. He did this with me and after I got done with my call, which I got a vote for them, he congratulated me and spent the next several minutes critiquing what I did. He thought I was rude when I had to take other calls (the dialer program just pops up with the person already on the line, so I have almost no time to be ready for it and get their account info up form the other program I have to use) and criticized me about that.

I really hope to not be here too long. I'm still actively looking for other work, but I really have had no energy to with the hours, and the only free time I have is used now to try to get some sleep and get ready for work. Why did I take this job if I hate it so much??? Well, considering the number of other offers I have had is zero, I have no choice but to stay here. I'm making $12 an hour, but I figure most of that is going to go to me getting to and from work, so I really make a cool $6/hour!!! Honestly, if this was a job in the city or somewhere near a train in Jersey, I wouldn't mind it. The trainride would be a lot easier and quicker and I would have more than 2 hours to do anything not work-related (getting ready, re-reading all the stuff I have to know for the calls, etc.) I hope to maybe get switched to the dayshift, but I doubt that will happen.

If anyone has a job opening that is either at a decent time (8-4, 9-5, etc.) and/or is near mass transit and pays somewhat close or better to what I’m getting now, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!! I’ve only had this job for a week I admit that, but I really can’t see how this gig will get better in anyway.