by Peter Marus

Well, I came to a realization today after work and picking up my car. One bright side of having a job that can be busy is the simple fact that for eight or whatever number of hours one works, it's a distraction to whatever else is going on in one's life outside of the job. Granted sometimes you can be caught in a daydream about something or someone (one of the barometers of how special I find someone is if they are thought of by me at work-though usually that sentiment isn't shared or at least claimed to be, but in the end it really isn't), but when I am at work, all the bullshit and problems I have at home or with others seem to be put on he side so I can focus on my work. Today was a day where it really worked well, and somehow I was able to be even more efficient at work-it seemed I was “on” today. It was one of the rare good feelings I have at work. Not that I don't find my job unfulfilling, I do sometimes, but at the same time I sorta get numb to the job since it's a lot of routine. Sure I'm probably preaching to the choir, but it was odd to feel good about what I did today.

One other thing I came to the realization that simply I WILL NOT OR CAN NOT WORK WITH A SIGNIFIGANT OTHER AT MY JOB. I can't see how some can work with their wives or girlfriends at their job. The constant togetherness has to put some strain on the relationship, like living with a roommate in college and how you want them dead by the time winter/summer break comes along. God bless those who can do it, but there is no way I could do it. I'm a big enough ass that can be a little grading on others, and to put a chick through that would suck. The time away from each other working can be beneficial to get a breather from the other one. I'm not saying romances at work shouldn't happen, but for myself in order to even consider it, one of us would have to leave the job, or get moved to a department so far away from the other one that we don't see or speak to each other during the workday. Also another thing would be that we wouldn't “talk shop” when we were together, just because I don't want my life to revolve around a job, including my relationship.

As I write this, the primary is almost over, and it seems more and more all that “white guilt” that has been under the surface of society is slowly coming to the surface. Look at who is voting for Obama, White douchey college brats, who are the main reason this society is starting to go in the the can with their political correctness and their over-inflated sense of civil liberties, are voting for someone who has proven nothing he is promising can be followed through on. I can't wait for whoever going to represent the Democrats, since in the debates with McCain, grandstanding and vagueness in their speeches aren't going to cut it, and specifics has to be given, which could be the downfall of the democrats, and once again they would shoot themselves in the foot for the second presidential election on a row.

One more thing, Clinton has to stop talking, she is trying to sound like she's JFK, but she comes of as that crazy old lady screaming at kids playing on her lawn. Hearing her do her Kennedy impression makes me wish Oswald was still around and would like “relive old times.”