by Peter Marus

I'm really enjoying my Direct TV. ti's crystal clear and doesn't crap out like my cable HD used to do. Today with the clouds and all the signal still was good and there was no issues. Later this week should be interesting with the storm supposedly coming in, but seeing how the installer put the dish in with all the supports, it looks pretty stout. I"m still getting used to the channel lineup, where each channel is, and I'm amazed by the selection. I have the sports pack, where I have a lot of the sports channels from the different regions around the country, like NESN, MASN, and all the NYC ones. it's fun to watch some of these yokels in their towns, and how they aren't really different than the NYC yokels, just change the team names. They do tend to be blacked out after 7, mostly due to the PPPV sports packages like the NHL and NBA packages.

One thing I noticed is that the NHL and MLB channels are following the exact same model as the NFl channel-not that's a bad thing. the format of the shows in certain times and how their studios are set up are a lot alike. Speaking of these channels, they are really helpful to me. I"ve been trying to get back into following the NHL and their channel is really helpful. I"ve started to consolidate my sports following-I stopped following European soccer for the most part and wanted to focus on soccer here, and I learned I should pay attention to only the teams in season so i don't get burnt out.

So if you can, get Satellite, it's awesome.

Other than that I am starting to read the book "Confessions of an Economic Hitman". So far it's really giving evidence that my crazy theory on who runs this world is legit. It's an interesting read. It's the story of one of these guys who would go around the world and try to get world leaders to fall in line with the US and their companies interests, and if they don't...well things happen. Nice to see when the US does this it's called diplomacy, but a couple hard working Italians do the same thing on the local level and they are called Mobsters and are committing crimes. See? the world is prejudiced against the Italians.

finally, here's one of my favorite songs/videos: