by Peter Marus

I hope all who read this had a good day with their mothers (or whoever was a “mother” to you). Always remember that she is the first love in your life (not to get too Freudian but it is true), and don't' ever do her wrong since she will have no problem kicking the shit out of you!!!

I needed today to get my mind off of things. Right now is a unique situation for me, one that is completely uncharted territory for myself. Yet at the same time, it's been one of the better times, since it's forcing me to look at myself. I see a lot of myself a little differently now, but I don't really plan on changing anything.

Here's an example of what the hell I am talking about. I say and write a lot of things that come off the top of my head. I am at a point where I don't care much about what others think about me, since I know I can never please everyone. I don't apologize for what I say, but I take responsibility of what I say and the result of these things I say. With that can come praise, but also consequences There has been some events that have made me to look deep inside of myself and what I say and why I do say some of them. Again, I do not apologize for what I say, but there are some things I do regret saying. This is something that probably has had to happen at some point, and right now I am glad that it did. It helps give me some peace of mind and more focus and attention to my actions. Don't worry, I'm bound to talk out of my ass at some point again, but now I have to at least get some hold of my venting when I post something here.

Hell I probably pissed someone off with this writing, but I will deal with it when it comes up. As I said I know now what I say can have some consequences, much like all choices in life, and I am prepared to accept them and live with those consequences