by Peter Marus

Tonight I ordered DirectTV for the house here. I am tired of Time Warner Cable, and my monthly bill will be less than what the cable is now. I got the sweet HD package, the DVR box ad three standard receivers for some of the other TVs in the house. It's scheduled to be installed on February 14th. I"m glad that it's scheduled then rather than sooner. This weekend I am busy, btw helping family out with some things, the UFC PPV with a main event so good that it doesn't even need full names; it's BJ vs GSP!!! Then sunday has some small football game on. The best part is that it's scheduled to be installed on Valentine's Day. So I got a gift for the one person I know loves me unconditionally and unquestionably-me. If that last line upset some of you, well to be honest pretty much everyone who has told me that they cared about me unconditionally and all that crap has failed me or flat out screwed me over.

New York has a new senator, and in less than one day she lost all credibility with me. She went to Harlem and met with Sharpton. She chose to acknowledge a terrorist and that alone made me lost any interest in her. Well, that's not true. She lost all credibility because Patterson chose her, and once again told NYC to to fuck themselves. I"m glad Kennedy didn't make it in, but any of the choices he had all were to push his anti-NYC agenda.

See in NY state, what happens is NYC makes ALL the money in the state, and then the parasites (anyone who doesn't live in NYC-suburbanites, the hayseeds, and all of the sucking hicks) take a ton of the money to fund their schools and agendas while giving NYC the finger. If you look at the proportions the money is split up and how much these hick towns get compared to NYC, it is sickening and should be illegal. The Suburbanites are the worst-they work in NYC and then run off with the money without giving much back. This is why I support a commuter tax, or at least doubling the city tax on anyone who lives outside the city but work in the city-you wanna play you gotta pay.

On top of it, the cash cow is having some problems thanks in part to those fucking thieves upstate bilking the city out of billions, is now being saddled EVEN MORE with the burden to prop up this state. Bottom line-if this state didn't have NYC, it would just be a glorified Nebraska, full of meth labs, racists, and hayseeds.

Finally, on a lighter note, one of the best scenes in "Ghostbusters". Interesting note: about 2:30 into this clip was the inspiration of something I used to try to win somoene back-yes, it's pathetic and sad, I admit, but I'll be honest that I paraphrased it and in the end I did look like an ass. I remember the look of disgust on the face of the person I first admitted this to, and the sheer joy he felt when the whole thing blew up in my face: