by Peter Marus

Short and sweet update on my job search. Went to the temp agency today. I met with a new recruiter, did some tests and got out of there. I did good overall on the MS Office tests (probably about an average of 85% on all of them), but my typing score was horrible. I have an appointment Wednesday morning with the NYS Dept. of Labor for something. Maybe it will lead to a job.

OK, so last weekend, someone found out what it meant when I say I have no tolerance for peoples' bullshit. See, last week we were supposed to catch up on the phone and have a little chat. I called, and either get their voicemail (which I despise talking to), or a “hey I’ll call you back, I’m busy.” Fine, so I wait a day or so and get no answer. I instant message the person to remind them to call me (seeing that they said they were, as far as I am concerned, it’s there responsibility to), and they say they will. Nothing. So this weekend I figured there would be some free time and they would call. Well guess what? Nothing. So, I leave an IM with them saying simply “I guess if you really wanted to talk to me, you’d have called, nice knowing you.” Now I have no use for the person, so I am not going to even bother with them since they have no value to me.

Do some of you think this is kind of harsh? Well I’m sorry I am someone who doesn’t act like a chump and settle with what is given to me. When I call someone, be it personal or professional reasons, I expect them to call back f I do not reach them, or at least give me an explanation beyond the generic “I’m busy” or whatever. It doesn’t have to be too detailed, but at least enough that I feel like I am being bullshitted. And not just with a phone call or email or whatever, but any type of effort I put in for anyone. I understand there are circumstances and stuff comes up, just be honest with me and tell me. Now, I get upset when I can see a pattern, or have the feeling I am being lied to. I have grown a sense to bullshit and I can tell if someone’s words are meaningful or hollow. Remember the term “Don’t treat anyone like a priority, if they will treat you as an option.”

Yeah I may seem like a douchebag. I may seem like an impatient asshole. I may have burned one or two bridges that I should not have, but I know what I want and expect out of others. After meeting someone, I make a decision pretty quick as to where in my life he or she will fit, and how much he or she can and will be involved. IF this person lives up to it and wants the same, then all is good (anyone who knows me and is friends with me-you met the criteria as I met yours). If the person doesn’t meet what I want or doesn’t want it, then it’s nice knowing you since you have no real use to me in my life. Some of the pathetic exes I have who read this know this scenario full well since I don’t’ settle to be the chump “guy friend”-which ladies is almost as bad as you telling us men we are gay. You had your one opportunity to have me in your life as the best man you would ever meet, need and have, but either you were substandard to my needs, or for some reason you thought some second rate ham-and-egger was better than me. You reading this proves that I was right and now this is the only way you will EVER get to hear from me-ad and pathetic if you ask me.

I put family on a different level since I have to deal with them more often and it’s just the whole blood relative thing. Many of my relatives I do have no use for, and thankfully I don’t have to see them as much. Some I do deal with a lot for the most part are cool with me, though some if I weren’t related to them I probably not talk to them after some incidents (and for the most part they know this).

I look at myself as like a Mac. The entry point costs a little higher, but once you get over the learning curve and see what I have to offer, I am the greatest experience you will ever have. I sometimes even see myself like Steve Jobs. Like Steve I have, creative minds, a slightly higher feeling of self-worth-almost elitist attitudes, we think people are at our level or just dolts below us, we surround ourselves with people who can help us achieve what we want, and we have been called either geniuses or simply bat-shit insane.

Side note I have another turn on when I am looking for a woman, not required but nice to have-Mac user. Mac geek chicks are HOT!!! Also it shows that they are smart in using a superior operating system, and intelligence leads to confidence, and confidence is the true sex appeal in a woman in my eyes. The only bar I may visit now is the Genius Bar in an Apple store, or just hang outside one to see what the more evolved woman looks like, and many are quite the eye candy

One final thing I learned this weekend-I really can’t stand the NY Jets. I can’t stand seeing any Jets games, I can’t stand any news on them, and I really can’t stand them. Whenever they are brought up, a feeling of absolute, deep, rage comes up. It’s mostly due to the Jets being tied with something in my past that makes me sick and somehow angry and depressed at the same time, with the same intensity in both-go figure. This also can partly explain my overall hatred for the state of New Jersey overall and many of the things found inside of the state, and the fact I have to go to Giants Stadium to see soccer, but hopefully it will be the last year or so that I have to travel to that part of the state. When the new stadium is built, it’s just a couple quick train rides and I’m there and back to home. I’m not usually a happy camper when I have to cross the Hudson. The Giants are there too, but they have no ties to things in my past that I am talking about.

Can’t figure out to end this entry, so I’ll just end it here…