by Peter Marus

Well It's been a while updating this, since I really have nothing going on in my life. I went to a job fair the other day and found it to be a complete waste of time. First they stressed I should bring 10-20 resumes to hand out to the companies there. So I print out the 20, and probably killed a tree doing so. I get to MSG where the fair is being held. I get there in time before the line got too out of hand. I eventually get into the Garden, get to the "expo center" in there (which was more like a small hall used for parties). They give me something to fill out, and then I go into the main area where supposedly "dozens and dozens" (total of 20 companies were there, I counted and visted all of then within 1 hour) of companies are there ready to meet me and give me on-site interviews (as per the ad). Well it didn't go that's what my average "interview" was like:

me: Hi my name is Peter and I'm looking for an entry level position at your company

assclown from company x: nice to meet you, our company blah, blah ,blah...

me: OK well here is my resume..

assclown: sorry, we don't take resumes here. You go to our website and apply through there..

me: (after dozens of these type conversations): Well what the f*ck am I doing here then?!?!!? I could have done all this at home!!!

so out of the 20 resumes I were to bring with me I handed out a grand total of 3 COUNT 'EM 3 resumes!!!!

On the bright side, Michael Powell (the idiot in charge of the FCC, and ONLY got his job through Daddy) is leaving the FCC, and the world rejoiced!!! if his many years of half-assed work he's accomplished:
1. the almost total monopoly of radio and TV (either owned by Disney, Viacom and the most obscene example Clear Channel). Clear Channel owns all forms of media and likes to use this to enforce their will and opinion. For example, if your a band, in order to perform at a CLear Channel-promotion related HAVE to be approved by them through how THEY play your music on THEIR radio stations, how THEY promote you through their advertising firm, and how THEY make you jump through hoops in their stupid promotions using tTHEIR radio and advertising (Viacom and Disney are no different, but don't have the marketshare as Clear Channel has). Ask Howie Stern about Clear channel, how they tok him off their stations because he said something against Bush (Clear Channel's bestist buddy). Also, if you get fired from one of these conglomerates, you are in essence blackballed (Opie and Anthony can attest to that)
2. HE also KILLED all creativity and free speech in radio and's gotten so bad, that I rarely watch broadcast tv due to the sanitized BS that has to be on since no one has the sack big enough to buck the norm. there were people scared to air "saving Private Ryan" one Veteran's Day because the language would have gotten them fined by the Facist Censorship C*cksuckers. I love cable because now you get good shows like "the Sopranos", "Rescue Me", "Tilt", "The Shield", and many many more. I wish I had XM radio, since my favroite radio show, Opie and Anthony had to go there since the FCC used their scaretatics to get them off the free air and they had to go on Satilite, but it is good now since their show is totally uncensored and more creative now.
Thank God he's out now, Since Powell was really looking into censoring Satilite and cable TV/Radio.....but that is really hard to do since you PAY for them and it's not over "free air". I'm sure he would have found a way to screw over the people like that anyway.
I"m done with my ranting tonight...