by Peter Marus

I finally found something I agree with Obama about!!! His remark about hayseeds relying on religion and guns is probably one of the most honest thing I heard him say yet. I”ve lived in the backwoods for several years, and there are two things that the country folk do love, they love them some God and some guns!!! Everyone is thinking this is going to make him look elitist and make lead him to lose Pa. to Hillary. Well, so far polls don't say that, and the major newspapers in the Lehigh Valley, Pa. and Scranton, Pa areas endorsed Obama and haven't wavered on their support (these two areas are ones that are economically challenged in Pa that most point to when the story of the “plight of the Pa worker” is exploited).

Sure enough, Clinton once again morphed into another gimmick-the “common woman”, the one who is blue collar and you can have a beer with. I don't know, if I was Dusty Rhodes I'd be pissed that she is stealing his gimmick. Only thing she hasn't done yet is said how she's “dined with kings and queens, and also feasted on pork and beans.” What's next? she's the daughter of a plumber? By they way, just because some relative lived in an area doesn't mean you can claim you are from there. If that's true, I'm going to northern Italy and claiming I'm one of the common fold where my grandfather was born.

But there was one bright spot in this whole Pa primary so far; neither candidate was dumb enough to go “Hey, I'm going to be in Allentown, I should come out to “Allentown” by Billy Joel!!!” For those who don't know, people who live in the Lehigh Valley HATE that song since they feel it demeans them. There is so much hatred for that song that any radio station whose signal reaches the region is almost forbidden to play the song for fear of the station being burned down.

I actually feel bad for Bill Clinton. All the speeches he's made for his wife are comps, and what's millions he's lost. Look at their tax return, and you'll see he's the one that makes the money speaking. He's gotta think when he's on stage with her “I am losing out on a good payday you pig, don't fuck this up and waste any more of my time and money!!” She's either got some dirt on him to make him stay there and be the charity by speaking, or they agreed he gets to nail anything he wants in compensation. I'd make such demands if every speech he makes for her means one less $250-$500K speech to some corporation.