by Peter Marus

So I was right sort of as far as the fight went. Maywather dominated the fight, and showed everyone he was the better fighter. De La Hoya looked so out of his game, and it was nice to see that the judges weren't swayed by the retarded in the crowd jumping up and down when De La Hoya threw a combo or two. In the end the right man won and all is well in boxing for now.

I had something else to write, but my mind is drawing a blank. But I can try to piece it together here. I was thinking about the relationship between men and women and the things that one does for the other that they wouldn't' normally do. No this isn't a hack rant on going to buy a chick tampons or anything. I”m talking about what one does that they wouldn't' do when it comes to their standards and beliefs. Generally I am a prick when it comes to things like that, where if she can't accept all there is about me, then tough, and I will not bend for a woman. But there is always a few that makes me do a change in my mindset without thinking twice. Usually when I end up doing this, it's with my min telling me it's worth doing it, and that it's not really a “loss” to do so. This is a big thing for me (or anyone) to do. You run the risk of the other person thinking “Ha, I got him to bend, now lets see how long it takes me to break him and make him my lapdog!!” Luckily I haven't been i that situation, and usually the reaction I get form someone is more “wow, he's accepting a, b, and c, that's cool. I should show my appreciation to him for doing this since it's worth it”.

I can hear you all saying “so you're a doormat”. NO, It's just looking at the big picture and seeing that what I am “giving up” or not rejecting isn't worth throwing away the whole relationship. One should ALWAYS look at the big picture of things, it is calming and you see all the answers. When you do this and go with your instinct, nothing can go wrong for you...God knows I learned that the hard way recently.

Ok one more thing before I end this odd post. Always remember...

When Mightyhorse rocks, he rocks the fat ass.