by Peter Marus

A couple things I wanted to write:

First, MMA rules. CBS showed a prime-time event of promotion EliteXC''s fighters. For the most part the fights were ok, though the Robbie Lawler/Scott Smith fight should not have ended due to that poke in the eye and the doctor stopped the fight. The Kimbo Slice/James Thompson fight I didn't see due to me forgetting to add time after the original end time on my DVR. I did get to see clips of the fight, and it looked like the fight was fixed. Kimbo should have lost the fight when her was pounded in the head over and over, but he got a lucky shot on Thompson's already swollen ear, which exploded into a huge bloody mess. The chick fight was cool, but I see women's MMA going the way of women's boxing-one or two stars, no one else, one superfight, and then it all goes to obscurity.

Sunday night was WEC's big event. WEC is owned by the UFC, and is more the lighter weight classes. It is an exciting product, mostly like the lighter weights in boxing, the fighters are more aggressive and exciting. The event was pretty good, The only fights worth mentioning were the title fights, which were probably some of the best fights I've seen in a while. Faber/Pulver really showed what MMA is all about, and it went the distance. Maeda/Torres was another good fight, cut short due to Maeda's eyes swelling shut from all the shots to it. Still was a good event, just thought the other fights were ho-hum, nothing really showstealing like the Elite XC fight had, where at least 2 of the televised matches could have stolen the show in Kimbo didn't destroy a man's ear.

Best part is all the boxing “experts” saying how MMA is garbage and it's just a fad, and Boxing is the true sport....really? is it? that's why boxing event PPV ratings are going down, and MMA's is skyrocketing. If boxing wasn't so boring now, especially in Heavyweight classes, where it's “punch, punch, clinch for 20 seconds” for every round, in every match. Boxing is dying, and MMA is the new great combat sport.

My final thought: seeing the pictures of the “Sex and the City” premiere at some of the theaters around the city, I came to the realization that the movie led to the female version of Trekkies or any film that leads to LARPING and a unhealthy obsession with a film series or any sci-fi entity. Only difference is that Trekkies and LARPERS still look like they have more dignity than the women on line for that flick.