by Peter Marus

I am sitting here feeling proud about a friend of mine. She’s had a shitty job for the past several months that apparently has caused her a lot of problems like panic attacks and illness. All this is due to stress, and she chose to start looking for another job. I’m proud of her because she saw a problem with her situation and chose to do something about it. It shocks me how many people in this world doesn’t do this, and they stay in their jobs and be miserable. A job is just that-a job. There are tons of other things one should focus on in their lives than just a job/career. In the end, what does all that focus on a job really does? To me, someone who chooses to focus all their energy and time on their jobs/career only ends up with little to show for their lives, along with shattered relationships, few friendships, and just an unhealthy quality of life.

I’ve known many throughout my life who had put all their energy into a job that consumed them physically and mentally that it was an unhealthy situation to be in. I’ve also had a couple people say they rather have their jobs their top priority over a relationship with their own family and me. Not only can this be a soul-crushing thing to hear, but also a sad thing to hear and I feel that these people are really pathetic. In the end people choose whatever the hell they want to do with their lives, just that the thing is that they damn sure better be able to live with themselves and be able to look at themselves and accept the choices they made.

I myself, I choose to keep my life and job separate. A job should not take up more than 12 hours of the day (including the commute to and from), and the rest of the day should be left for living and sleeping. I’ve been in situation where I had my workday/commute take up to about 18 hours a day, and after several weeks of that run, my mind was misfiring and I didn’t feel healthy. SO I chose to keep my workday limited to 12 hours, because in life you should take time to live and enjoy things, without feeling you need to produce something in order to get paid. Ay job that made me feel like my entire life and being revolved around a job, I left and got something else. Have I lost out on a lot of money? Probably, but I feel better about myself and can look at myself and feel like I made the right choice.

So I am proud someone at least sees it my way, and I am sure this person will find a better situation to work and live in. I hope some of you after reading this at least thought about your situation and possibly started your way onto a situation that is healthy and good for you.

Now onto a couple other subjects that I isn’t related to what I just wrote/ranted about. First off, I still haven’t heard any answers to the question I asked last week, which is give me one good reason to get a Facebook page since I’ve heard people say I should have one. When I hear a compelling argument, I may get one.

Also, I wrote this question on a videogame site, and I thought I would put it here as well, it also has my opinion on it as well, but I thought I would share:

I am not sure if this was ever brought up, but could one major issue with the PS3's somewhat lack of success be due to the fact that EA, the largest publisher out there, always puts more of an effort into the 360 versions of their products? I mean, it seems everything points to the obvious bias, but that has to be that one of EA's presidents just HAPPENS to have been one of the creators of the Xbox systems. To me as a consumer this doesn't seem right that EA is nothing more than a fair-weather fan when it comes to the consoles-they heavily favored the PS2 the last generation of games-only to slap sony in the face this time around with an agenda to favor a lesser-powered machine that is only saved by the fact they have their online system better set up. Is it possible that EA has told all their developers to push the 360 in both games and in PR or am I simply looking into a non-issue and trying to pass off a conspiracy theory as a PS3 owner?

I used to have a 360, but got a ps3 due to Blu-ray, the exclusive content Sony has is better than Microsoft's, and also looked at the non-exclusive games as the same on both but ran more stable on the PS3. I guess my assumption was wrong, since although the games on a PS3 look and run better, EA seems to think an average powered machine with a vast history of major problems (sony has had their share of issues but not nearly as widespread or serious).