by Peter Marus

It seems everyday I realize that I am getting older. It's a lot of little things that happens that make me realize that I am getting old. First off, I wake up now with little pains that weren't there before. Along with that are the pains I feel a little longer than I ditheseeen I was a little younger like after working out or moving heavy things. This time of year also brings this up when the cold does cause some receiverrhritis in my ankle and some joint pain I now suddenly have.This time of year also brings this up when the cotrain.s cause some arthritis in my ankle and some joint pain I now suddenly have. It's weird and a little sad. train.

One other thing I am starting to do is thinking all the new music or TV shows/movies coming out sucks. For example. I listen to all the new rock channels on XM, and I look at it all as overdramatic bullshit that is geared to teenagers. Its all about how life sucked for thes musicians when they all happened to live in the time where their lives didn't suck. What I do now is record on my Pioneer Inno (a portable XM reciever and MP3 player) is the “classic” alternative music channel at night so i have something to listen to on the trian. The channel plays music from the early and mid 90s and “New Wave”, the father to alternative music (BTW, it's not gay to enjoy the New Wave music, but it is gay to start dancing to it), and I find hat the most enjoyable channel to listen to-next to ch 202 of course!!!

When I talk about music with people, I always say that the music I grew up with is MUCH better than what is out now, and that when the 90s ended, good music ended. I realized that I am now starting to sound like a lot of my older cousins who I thought were insane when they were telling me the 70s were the pinnacle of music, and what I listen to is total crap.

Eh I have o clue what I am talking about tonight, I am bored and wanted to put something up.