by Peter Marus

RIP Commercial radio

I now have XM in my house, my car, my life!!! Happy birthday for me (well it’s the 29th, but my parent’s activated my XM account this afternoon) I have been sitting here in my room all day and night listenting to anything I can. I have listened to all the stations at this point, and preset the ones I liked. The rock stations are great, but I wish they have the harder metal station still on their service (they have one, “liquid metal XM”, but it’s only available on their online). It’s amazing that I can listen to a channel, ad the only commercials on it are just small sweepers about what’s on other channels, but those are once in a blue moon (I think one or two and hour, and maybe a DJ will say something once an hour as well). It’s truly commercial free music, and it’s uncut and crystal clear (well some of the songs on “Fungus”, the punk channel, is poor quality, but that’s more due to the original recording). The only thing that would make this perfect is if I had a MyFi portable receiver, but that will happen down the road when I have the money for it. When I get a MyFi, I’ll be able to record shows/channels over night for my commute.

Speaking of money, I have an interview in Jersey City tomorrow about another assignment. It’s more of less the same as I had in Lyndhurst, just in a better place for me. It’s right off a PATH station, and the hours would be descent. I hope I don’t choke and sound stupid if front of these people, but we’ll find out tomorrow morning. Then the rest of the day I can enjoy my birthday. I didn’t get my real wish yet, but maybe I’ll get it tomorrow or something close to it to make me smile. That’s all I got tonight.