by Peter Marus

First I wanted to thank those who have sent me some form of support and just the overall show of concern. It's nice, but it's all good where I sit. Technically I am still employed until the 14th, which is my termination day, so I am getting a couple more paychecks out of everything. I also wanted to thank those for the advice given to me, either were to look for work or just maybe help with the resume. In fact, tomorrow I'm going to start rewriting my resume, and when it is done, I”ll post an online version of it. Thanks again to all.

Someone suggested I should start writing a book they though I should write. They think I have a ton of advice on life in general and it would benefit people if I put them on paper as a book. I thought it could be a cool idea, but in reality my book would probably be a “dime-a-dozen” books like mine out there, and I wouldn't make a cent. Besides, who would really take advice from someone who is apparently socially retarded and has probably some sociopathic tendencies? At least that's what some out there think I am, but that's their opinion which in reality is coming from people who are bitter I chose not to keep them around me in the way they wanted. I wanted them around in ways that would mean they had to actually be their best, but they wanted to be lazy and just settle and/or want everything with multiple people for the same role. I don't settle, which probably has hurt me in some aspects, but my dad told me never to settle for something when you know you want more.

On a side note, I think I am slowly turning into the George Costanza character from “Seinfeld.” Seems I am getting a tad more neurotic, and I find myself catching episodes eerily finding a lot in common with the character. Also I looked at myself in the mirror and I seem to have the same shape as him. Maybe it's my mind slowly going away from me.