by Peter Marus

Ah as usual, Monday’s suck. Seems like all the work I do the week before is negated and I’m at square one. On top of it, being the first full day of working since the holidays, it was insane. So I had a lot of phone calls over stupid shit, and I got almost nothing done. Today further cemented my anger for lawyers. I don’t’ care if any read this, I really don’t like your kind. For a group of people who supposedly spent thousands of dollars on education, some of you guys are shockingly dumb!!! I had to explain to a person injury lawyer about the regulation he should know inside out. These lawyers don’t’ have the right forms that the state requires for no-fault, but they either use forms they come up with, or continue to use the outdated forms. Then I am called the asshole because I just ask for things the STATE asks for, not just what the company asks for. Danny DeVito in “Other People’s Money” said it best; lawyers will screw this country up so bad, the Communists will come out of the woodwork and take over. And what is the first thing the Communists do? THEY SHOOT ALL THE LAWYERS!!!

BTW that movie and “Wall Street”, as good as they are, also show what led to the global economic decline and meltdown we find ourselves in today. Take a good look at these films and you’ll see what I see.

On a good note, I booked my room in Ohio for February. Still waiting for the bus/ticket details, but that will come soon. I can’t wait for this game. I’ve been to a bunch of US games in my lifetime as well as US-Mexico games, but I’ve never been to a US-Mexico game when it is a World Cup Qualifier final round. I really am looking forward to the trip, thought I may not wear any PSU gear ad stay with USA gear while I am in the land of the Hayseeds that is Columbus.