by Peter Marus

I am so tired of this bullshit.....

This is what happened at the LA game this weekend. The more and more I think about it, the less fun it is getting to go to Giants Stadium. Ever since this team existed, this is the horseshit the supporters, the ones dumb enough to come to every game of this Titanic of a soccer team, gets treated. The team claims to care, but if they did, wouldn't they have done something about it? Sure it could be said the NJSEA is the landlord and RBNY/Metro are the tenant, but at the same time if the tenant isn't getting anything they need from a slumlord, especially something that they have a right to-in this case better personnel to handle security, the tenant has a right to hold rent and look somewhere else to go. But what the fuck does this team care? they made some good cash last Sat...oh wait they didn't since these morons sold out to the NJSEA for the privilege of playing at Giants Stadium, where all money form food and souvenirs goes to the Authority. In this entire area, they couldn't find a more suitable place to play for the time being before their stadium opens? I've tried and tried to keep the faith that it's almost over in that shithole of a swamp, where 5 things will be planned for the entire complex on a Saturday, and the soccer fan gets shafted over the big flea market or some concert in their dilapidated arena that EVERY tenant there has left or is leaving in the next year or so, despite they only have half the room these days to do so due to the new football stadium going up. The team probably has some stupid thought that they won some new fans, but let's face it. When the next league home game comes around, it's going to be the same 15k there's always going to games.

Some may say this is a special occasion due to the crowd, but that's no fucking excuse. This has happened for YEARS, yet no one does anything about it, despite the ESC leadership having n open dialogue with the teams management, only to get “yes”-ed to death and given empty promises (which also spreads to their season ticket holders like me-who have been sold a bill of good by nothing more than used car salesmen.

I have spent tens of thousands of dollars in my entire time of supporting this club (give or take 7 years now, as an ESC member/season ticket holder, but since it's inception otherwise). Between gas, tolls, tailgating supplies, donations to banners and other goods the ESC needed, not only gone on countless bestirs to DC and New England, even paid for a spot on several buses that i had no plans on going on, just so the ESC had enough spots paid for the bus to take the supporters going on the trip. I've also invested many man-hours volunteering at functions, storing banners at my house, just doing all I can to make things happen. I've stood in monsoons, hailstorms, 130 degree heat in the stadium, and sung my fucking guts out, often not being able to speak the week after and do it all over again the next week. Last week in the heat I had to drag 60+ lbs around fucking Queens to get a ride to the game, all to have numbers in our section since the WHORES who wouldn't come to see this shit team play, but some Limey shitdick and his fucking southern Cali sloppy party bottom, who shit his pants when he had to go play with real men in Europe, is in town to play RBNY, they come out in droves to be nothing but a bunch of starfuckers. And after all this, I have to deal with some North Jersey FUCKING faggots who's insecurity over them being limpdicks can push some of my friends around just because they see people having fun rather being some schlock making AT BEST ten bucks an hour like them. I've lost my “smile” when it comes to this team after the LA game.

After seeing how hostile it is slowly getting the past couple games, I am seriously debating to in the next day or two take all I just said, and maybe add some more, and write to every head muckity-muck at RBNY and no only ask but DEMAND changes I feel as a season ticket holder for several years I, and every single person who goes to games are entitled to. If I don't hear anything solid by the DC game on August 9th, all my season tickets get returned, including all the shit I bought for this team-jerseys, jackets, scarves, EVERYTHING and have it sent right to their fucking office. Those who read this and feel the way I do should do the same. I am really tired of all this, and more and more I am losing my passion to support a team that has been ran since it's inception by some form of glorified used-car salesmen.

Bottom line is that if the NJSEA/RBNY don't want my money or time, fuck them. I can find something else to do.