by Peter Marus

Eh, same old, same old. Nothing really happening today. I did my usual thing, so it's not really worth my time to go over what I did. I did read a couple things on different news sites today I thought i'd share:

The Chicago fire of MLS had their groundbreaking for their stadium today. Now, Metro's stadium SHOULD be underway by now but what a shock it isn't, want proof? go to and check out all the articles up there with the quotes of Metro front office's head assclown Nick S. The Fire somebow got everything done1-2-3 and now they'll have their own stadium soon. But since both the NJ Gov't and Metro are ran by inept, clueless people...Metro are still stuck in the crackhouse that is the NJSEA ran Meadowlands (I somehow see a connection with the state jerking metro around while they play in a state ran complex...hmmmm)

I'm also sick and tired of Nick S with his ploys to try to drive the hardcore fans (the ESC and others who have stuck by the Titanic of MLS since 1996) out, and try to usher in all the newbie fans and soccermom-led lemmings of the youth soccer. Myp roblem is that I swear he wants to brainwash these kids and new fans into yes men, so they won't complain about how their investment (season tickets IMHO, is an investment into a team) is tanking it on and off the field. What do I mean by off the field...look up Metro Playoff Fever, and see what happens when you put people who have no idea on marketing/soccer in general in charge of a campaign thats supposed to make more people come to games...

On an intersting note, Mets pitcher Kris Benson has a real classy wife. I think she's in this weeks FHM, and she was doing an interview today where she said that she and her husband have tons of tapes of them "intimate", and that if she ever found out he was cheating on her, she go and sleep with all his teamates, coaches and managers. That alone just screams she's a keeper!!!

BTW, you think it's hard to tell she's an she's had 3 kids. see for yourself:

and on that note, I'm done...