by Peter Marus

I spent part of tonight trying to write a bio about myself for the website I want to create. So far this site is becoming the "Duke Nukem Forever" of sites (those who get that reference right now is falling over laughing-or is full of rage the lost time in their lives reading that line). I looked at a couple other bios people have written about themselves, and I tried to get ideas from that. I did complete one, and as usual I think it sucks. It's different than me writing this-I just go one take and it's over. I may have to pass it around to some people to get their feedback. So if you get an email from me with an attachment, know it's not a virus-this time. Eventually I will get the damn site together and you can all see a shrine to my mediocrity.

Funny thing is that I was looking at pictures of myself, and I have come to the conclusion that I look like an ugly, creepy dude. It doesn't help that my cousin and his wife are putting up pictures of their daughter, and some have me in them and I really look like a creep holding her. Am I just being tough on myself? Seeing my face in some of these pics I think is the answer to the question i have been getting lately: "So why are you single, Pete?" Eh, whatever. At this point I can care less one way or another, but still does affect the ego a tad. But hey, I have a great personality and make people laugh...there's some positivity so I don't look totally negative