by Peter Marus

It’s a sad day for me, one that really has me upset. is gone, at least how I remember it. It was bought up by UGO, and from all the Twitter notes and stuff, the only thing that will remain is the name. Apparently everyone was laid off and it looks like all the podcasts are over. A shame, since I loved 1up Yours. It’s not a shock since this has been rumored for months, but still it’s sad. It also means EGM is gone, so that’s one less magazine I’ll be getting. A shame, but in the advent of digital media (which they should get credit for trying to build in their own right) is making print media a dying breed.

This came after the good news I got, where I have everything squared away for the most part. I have my room reserved and my spot on the bus and ticket all set. On top of getting my benefits forms into HR, so my medical and 401(k) should be set. Though the news at work did get a little dark, where in a meeting today I heard there will be no raises, no company contributions to the 401(k) plans, and more or less was threatened when the bosses said there is no hiring freeze, but they will be hiring when necessary. I took this as a threat when right after that fact came the whole “we need you to do your best and step up, blah, blah blah”. Gotta love this global economic meltdown caused by asshats who couldn’t wait to get that car, or TV, or house when they could, God forbid, afford the damn thing. Good job deadbeats for screwing things up in my life.

On some other selfish thoughts, in that I will speak about myself now, I am looking into getting Satellite TV in the house here. Time Warner sucks, and from what I see, I can get more from satellite over cable. So if the numbers look good, I will be making a call to get Satellite.

I also may have figured out my next tattoo. I say may because I have a couple ideas dancing around my head. If anyone has any ideas and suggestions, let me know. I know where I am putting in (lower leg/calf), just want something that will “fit” there well.

Finally I have to plug “the Monday morning Podcast” by Bill Burr. Download the last episode and check it out, probably the funniest show I heard in a while. Go to his website and check it out: Also, has the latest “Lazlow show” up to be downloaded. While you’re there, buy something from his site and show you will actually show someone who creates something respect buy buying his wares and not steal it