by Peter Marus

Some of you may have heard about this story about some crackwhore that killed her kids on Long Island. This animal drowned her kids, left them on their beds, and called the cops. I was reading this story and I could feel my rage grow. This shows that there are fucking morons that have no right to live, let alone breed and procreate. It's not just her, there were two other shitheads who slept with her to conceive the kids (one twice). Granted they probably banged her because she was jonesing for some drugs and that's how she earned the money for it, but still after seeing the fathers on TV, it's further proof that the worthless breed with each other and eventually there will be so many of these zeros that they will over run the smart people. I like how both fathers were claiming that they were trying to get the kids out of the house from that savage. Were they? Honestly, if they wanted the kids so bad, they should have went over there and taken them.

Some other things have came out about this shitstain of society. First she would leave the house and have the oldest kid (6 years old) take care of the other kids (one 3 years I believe, the other 18 months). On top of all this the social worker visited the house several times, and NOTHING was done. To me, the social worker should be in a cell with the mother, since her ineptitude led to the kids dying. First off, what should happen to the mother is that her entire cell should be covered with pics of the kids corpses and the lights never go out in her room. Then once a day, three guards come in with billyclubs and wail on her for 30 seconds, then leave. No psychological help, none of this pussified “prisoner's rights”-an oxymoron that I will get to one day, just treat her like the animal that she is. I'd make a great warden, and I'll write how the judicial system should work one day. I got a couple ideas in the can for entries.

Another thing I think that would have prevented this is something that should happen just to save the tax payers money. When a woman is found to be pregnant, the doctor should do a drug test and criminal background test. If drugs are found in the system or a prior drug arrests are found, mandatory abortion. Women and men should lose the right to procreate if they are found to have a drug problem, just so us who are law-abiding don't have to deal with them.

But I did find something I haven't really found in my life: a woman who did the right thing by me. We were talking for a bit, and after a couple days of us talking and things seem to be going well but still real early, she decided she wasn't ready to date or get to know me better due to work and her school. She came out now with that right away so things don't get complicated, and she even had the class to apologize for leading me on in anyway. There was no promises of making time for me no matter how crazy her job gets or how her family situation gets. There was no talking for a while, making it seem like there was potential and then her issues that she hid from me coming out and making her look like the liar she is (because she would say “I have no baggage or drama in my life”). She was honest with me and I respect her for that, though it does suck a bit since I though things were going well for an early stage. One other plus is that she didn't' ask to be just friends, which wouldn't have happened since that would me she would get all she wanted but at a safe distance, and I wouldn't get what I wanted. So there is one woman out there that isn't like the lying scum I've had to deal with in my life.

But on the other hand, if she was feeling me or was really interested in me, she would have not done this and found the time to IM. call, or hang out. But this is her choice and she'll have to deal with what comes out of it. This is another thing I may get into in another blog (maybe it would be getting into it again, but it would still be a entry that maybe I'll give a new perspective on)