by Peter Marus

Well, went to my big second interview today....what a clusterf*ck!!!!! after the presentation (where I learned that if I do get the position I wouldn't be paid for the training and would have to pay the fees for the licencing tests, but would get the back downthe road), I had my one-on-one interview. Lets just say I won't do well in an interrogation. I pretty much answered all the question wrong, and I really doubt I'll be asked back for the third and final interview.

When I got home, I felt horrible. I looked at me email and got one that made me smile!! don't want to get into too much detail, but it helped confirm a couple things (which is good). After eating lunch, I happened to turn on ESPN...and the Mets were on playing the DC Nationals!!! first thing that hit me watching the game...the LA/Anahiem/Orange County Metropolitan area Angels (whatever the hell name they are now) should sue the Nats for stealing their uniform!!! Honestly, take "Nationals" off the front and put "Angels" on it and you'd have the Angels uniforms!!! But I do like the black/blue Mets Uniforms, much better than the orange, look like roadworkers Mets uniforms that had the past couple years.

BTW I may make a road trip to DC to see a Nats game, moreso to jsut go and laugh at that dump called RFK. They somehow topped the crappiness by converting it back to a multi-use stadium, and theyt plan on using trays of grass on the dirt infield for the equally crappy soccer team..I predict (pray) some of the Scum players will be going under the knife for knee surgeries...and I'll be smiling!!!!

Oh yeah I may also if I have time see some relatives that live down there too!!!