by Peter Marus

Oh this past couple days have been fun. I have had no hot water in the house, and I won’t until a part that was ordered comes in and that will fix the water heater. So in order to somewhat clean myself-or at least not smell too much like feet, ass, and pits-I had to sit at my sink and wash myself down like a fucking homeless bum in a fast food bathroom. The only way it would have felt better was if I had some heroin, a spoon, a lighter, and a needle. Seriously, I feel like a savage and I can’t wait to have hot water. Why didn’t I brave the shower with cold water? The idea of having a heart attack, potential hypothermia, and severe muscle cramps-as beautiful and fun as it is-just didn’t appeal to me. So I guess having someone as hot as me isn’t enough to warm things up here

I started my Christmas shopping last night and got some things online. I was going to go out to the stores after work, but I realized I hate people and I was in a bad enough mood I didn’t need to deal with morons. I learned the past couple weeks one thing; no matter how much extra it will cost, go with UPS. I’ve had a bad experience with the USPS recently, and FedEx can be a little dicey to deal with. I have never had any problem with UPS, and from now on, if it’s an option no matter how much it costs, I will only use UPS.

Some happy vids: