by Peter Marus

I am not in a good mood, just when I sat at my computer now, I sat on my nuts, and I am in a bad mood. Speaking of computers, I’ve been having a hell of a time with this DSL line and the computers in this house. Everyday, the computers on wireless cards and adaptors had problems connecting to the network. Yesterday, ALL the computers had that problem. After calling Verizon and having them explain what to do, all the computers were back up and running. On a side note, those who bitch and moan about the “to do x press one”-type phone systems, be happy you didn’t have to deal with the “yell into the phone what option you want”-type system I had to endure. At one point I was screaming every swear word until someone picked up.

Back to my story: Today, we had the same problem and called Verizon up again and they cleared everything up. I also asked why didn’t they have me do these steps the first time I set everything up, and they didn’t have an answer. I will say the people who do the phones there are real cool and helpful, even when I started swearing up a storm when a password wasn’t working.

Well I hadn’t had a breakdown yet about my job situation. I have been applying all over, and I plan on hitting the temp agencies I am registered with hard this week. The other day I got a nice email form someone I shot off an email to about why I seemed so stressed out and all, and this person sent me the sweetest email that I had to smile. I hope to repay this person in the near future for all the nice and kind things they have done for me, and I’m sure this person will be doing the same for all the nice and sweet things I’ve done for them.

My birthday’s coming up this month (29th, hint, hint). My parents already told me what I’m getting, a year subscription to XM radio!!!! Other people are asking what I want, and I honestly don’t’ want anything…at least not what people can give me. Eh who knows….I got nothing planned the weekend before my B-day, so if anyone has any ideas what to do, let me know

I sold my R/C truck!!!! Well, not until tomorrow, but my reserve price was met on my auction, and the winning bid can’t back out now and dick me over!!! So far, the price isn’t what I was hoping for, but enough or me to justify selling the truck.

That’s all I got now, it’s too hot to think. Remember, look out for your pet and elderly relatives, I already lost a dog to this heat, and I wouldn’t want any of you losing loved ones either.