by Peter Marus

I hate the holiday season, especially now since I work near a tourist attraction. I”m pissed at all the hayseeds and rubes that come into the big city and get pissed when I walk into their big shot. God forbid people would walk on a pubic walkway to go to their jobs. These asshats are also the ones that will stand at a corner, blocking the flow of traffic because they are impressed that buildings go higher than three stories. Then there are the ones that stroll around doing pirouettes like they are the “girl that's going to conquer the big city”, and they get pissed when I shoulder charge them when I walk past them to get to work. I hope these morons have either a mugging or rape in their future. And I hope they enjoy their pictures from the big trip where there's a bald guy giving the finger or waving gang signs in the background.

Speaking of gangs, good to see that an old school gang fight broke out in lower Manhattan the other day. Good to see that in this modernized world on NYC, old school gang warfare is still alive and well.

Sorry to spoil the holidays for the few who read this, but those who are expecting a gift from me this year, don't be shocked if it's just a envelope with some cash in it. Don't bitch at me about it, I'm sick of stressing about what to get for who, and I figure I give you the cash, you go buy whatever the hell you want or use it for whatever the hell you want, and if you aren't satisfied in the end that's your problem. Kiss my ass if you got an issue with it, left cheek first since I'm a lefty.

One more thing, if you use Firefox as your web browser, get the stumbleupon add-on. It brings up random sites when you hit the button. Great thing to have when you are bored and you can find some cool things out there