by Peter Marus

Hello all, just throwing up something here since I haven't in a couple days. First, I got news that in a couple weeks, my work schedule is changing. I'm going from my 11am-7pm shift to the 6am-2pm shift. It came up as the morning guy is leaving to move out west and I was offered the gig. I'm actually glad to do this. The shift feeds into my impatience, and I like that on that shift all the “heavy-lifting” is done right at the start, and I like to get things done right away. I can't wait to actually be able to get things done during the day after work, rather than waiting to the weekend to get everything done. The move doesn't pay different or anything, just a time change. Sure it sucks that I have to go to bed early and get up really early, but if needed I can come home after work and get a quick nap in.

Another big thing that has happened is that I got a new Ipod. I got a 30 gig video one. Sure I could have waited for the new ones, but I really don't need the extra bells and whistles. “Pete, I thought you already had a player that's part of you XM receiver” some of you may be saying. Well, I use both now. The Ipod is for to and from work, and I use one or the other at work depending on where I am in the building and hat I am doing. I still get to listen to my O&A and Ron and Fez, and I get to listen to my music. I also flip through the Xm channels and note any some I like, then come home and get it from Itunes. Why get the Ipod if my Xm receiver can play MP3s? Well, the Inno doesn't play the AAC files from Itunes/apple use with their music, and it only holds 500 megs of music.

Side note: To my cousin who reads this-the payment went through so we are good for another year......ass.....

I also like the idea of having all my music on me. I haven't gone into the whole video part, but I am tempted to put some nasty porn clips on it and go up to random people and go “hey check this out” and play the clip to see their reaction. Outside of the music I put on my Ipod, I have a bunch of podcasts called “Coffee Break Spanish.” Its 15-minute lessons on some basic Spanish (they go through a few words/scenarios in each so that one can slowly build their vocabulary).

Riveting stuff eh? Hey, I didn't put a gun to your head to read this!!!