by Peter Marus

Reading in the paper, and watching on TV about the Israeli and Palestinian scuffle in Gaza made me realize something. For 60 years, Israel and it’s neighbors are acting like the white trash neighbors I used to see in Pennsylvania. You’ve probably seen these classy folks on shows like “cops”, they are the neighbors that just don’t like each other. They start by dumping trash on each other’s yards, or one throws rocks at the other person’s house, tuff like that. Occasionally one calls the cops to accuse the other of having a Meth lab or growing pot in the basement, you get the idea. Occasionally there’s that drunken brawl outside between the two neighbors or entire family, where the cops have to come. This is what’s happening now, but it seems like the cops are not in the mood to get to the problem (they’ve been called so many times to the houses that it’s more of an annoyance to them), or they just figure “fuck it, let them kick the shit out of each other and maybe this will end.” This is how I look at the whole situation over there as.

Right now after seeing all road teams win today, I hope the trend ends tomorrow in both games. I want the Steelers and Giants to win. Hopefully the luck runs out for the Eagles, who usually have this streak at the end of the year anyway and blow it in the playoffs. And I hope the Steelers can use the home field advantage to beat up on the Chargers. But the eagles and Chargers are dangerous teams, so that’s got me worried. I am glad that the Giants game is the early game, so that can get done and over with right away.

now for a couple vids:

Here’s a douchebag:

Now here’s a douchebag in Spanish-El douchebago:

and I hope this still happens to people…just because: