by Peter Marus

The past several days have been not too exciting. I really haven’t had a lot to do. I have been watching my auction, hoping the action picks up on it. So far I think there’s about 10 people watching it, and I’ve had a couple bids on it. I hope that I get the money I am hoping for, but I have until Saturday to find that out. I was originally going to get some equipment for my R/C car, but with the sales on XM satellite receivers, I’m thinking different. I can get one of the receivers that are on sale, a home kit (it already comes with a car kit), and pay for a year’s subscription. I got some thinking about this….I miss Opie and Anthony and decent music!!!

I spent this weekend doing nothing. Not that I wanted to, but I didn’t bother calling people to see what they are doing….I am not big on being the third wheel. I did look around Ebay and was thinking of maybe trying to be one of these people that make money off of it. I still have to do some research on it, but not really going to do too hardcore (more “I’ll talk to some people to see if it’s worth it and read a book or two.”-type research).

Speaking of which, I got a book on this subject. I also was praising God in the bookstore at the same time. I was kneeling to see what books are on the bottom of the shelf, and I look up and there it was: a girl wearing a pair of low-riding Valure sweatpants and it accentuated the most beautiful ass I’ve seen in a long time. I’m talking a hot Italian ass. “Oh, thank you God for creating what is before my eyes.” Was all that went through my mind. After I found my book I got up and noticed the woman was wearing one of those chick Wife-Beaters, and no bra….I wish I had a picture to show you, but I couldn’t get my camera phone out and it would look creepy if I did. Its outfits like that is what makes the summertime bearable.

I got to write my third column for It’s been pretty easy to do so far. I’ve really gotten a lot of subject/talking points from just talking to some friends about the articles and message board postings I’ve read. Only downside is I really can’t talk or post anymore…I’ll be giving my columns away before I write them!!! I could cut and paste what I write on the boards and come up with a column like that, but it cheats both me and my peeps that read it. Plus I did that in college, and as good of a skill it was (I got a Howard Stern paper done twice like that…yeah, I stole material from myself….hoo hoo), It’s more fun to rant and rave off the top of my head…..or out of my ass depending on who you talk to!!!

That’s all I am writing tonight…now take what you learned from this, laugh at me, stop, then go out into the world and pass on my awesomeness.