by Peter Marus

Remember how I say I like to help those I care for? Well last night I got a thank you from someone I've been trying to help as much as I can (not who I talked about in my last entry, someone else). This person I met through myspace (both PSU grads and I wanted to meet some more grads on there), and we have been talking on and off for a while. She's been going through a rough patch, where she almost found herself out of a job and place to live. She would text me and call me to talk about what's going on, and I would try to give her advice as to what to do, as well as she would do the same. Now it seems like things are working out for her, and there is some stability in her life. Last night she called me as she was unpacking in her new place. While we were talking, she came out with “I never thanked you did I for all you done have I? Well I want to because you really helped me out through some stressful times.” It was really cool to hear that, and it put a smile on my face and made what as a bad day seem a little better. A much as she says I don't I do owe her for all the times' she's spent listening to my crap, and all the advice she's given me (especially helpful getting a chicks' opinion-sometimes it helps give a different dynamic to a problem). It's things like this that makes me feel like what I do and how I act in life is worth doing, and that I am not wasting my time or living my life wrong. Karma's a thing with me (ying/yang thing as well), and I feel all the good I do now for myself and others will be rewarded in the future in a much bigger thing.

I am watching Fox Soccer Channel right now, and they are showing the last two US games form the Gold Cup. I have to leave the game on mute, the commentators are worst than the Yankees' radio announcers, who are just above th level of pro wrestling announcers. The US and Mexico play today in the finals of the tournament, and I may just watch the Spanish language channel, since I get more from their commentators than the English ones!!! In the bright side the Copa America is being broadcasted this year in the US, in Spanish, but at least the US games are going to be shown and I don' have to rely on the Internet for scores

My vacation is coming up in August, and I want to travel somewhere for at least part of it,just to get out of here and maybe clear my head. Any ideas where I can go for a couple days?