by Peter Marus

Ok, I thought I would do something fun. I'm going to put down some of the positive things that have been said of me and what I have been called, and then some negative.

Things people have called me or said of me in the positive light: a nice guy, a good person, a saint, unforgettable, very giving of myself and time, one who isn't afraid of sacrificing of self for others, reliable, committed to what he believes in, loyal, funny, honest, smart, laid back, handsome, a gentleman, someone who knows what he wants, open, someone who won't give up on anything, caring, good at communicating with others, friendly, conservative, a good listener, known to be cool and rational in bad situations, a rock, handles himself business like, professional, willing to go out of his way to help others, considerate to others, positive

Now for things that have been said about me in a negative light: a punk, a creep, an asshole, cruel, dishonest, aggressive, reckless, racist, sexist, cold, lack of emotion, socially retarded, sociopath, control freak, too much to handle, secretive, selective listener, ignorant, hot headed, irrational, defensive, selfish, only loyal to himself, emotional, immature, easily distracted, jerk, standoffish, unprofessional, inconsiderate, unpredictable, unstable, hate filled, two faced, apathetic, a negative force

SO which list is correct? Honestly, I think both are is to a point and depending on if you like me or not, and more importantly if I choose to like you or not. I've had people go from thinking of me as being the greatest man in their lives to me being a selfish prick that doesn't listen and wants the world to revolve around me. Whatever, I can't please everyone, and quite honestly if you think of me negatively for some reason or another, that's your thing. I'm not here to win people's affection, and I am not going to sell out myself to make others happy like a spineless jackass with no self-esteem or the average politician. Hence why any exes I have are not my friends-why give them what they want (someone to listen to their problems and be there for them without the work or responsibilities of a relationship), and I don't get what I want?

that's all I got tonight,