by Peter Marus

Well another work week is over, and it felt like I worked 8 days rather than 5. It's funny how the past few weeks felt like that. Maybe it's burnout (no real break since August), or maybe it's just with everything going on in my life. Funny, I usually am able to shut out the outside world at work and focus on that, but this time it's impossible, I was sloppy a little bit this week, but by the end I was better. It both is both good and sucks that I have downtime at my job. Good in that I am able to think a lot of things through and figure out what to do next, but sucks in that I over-think things through which can lead to stress and too much distraction (and read my blog form the other day as to how far it can go). But oh well, it's the weekend, so I can get some of this tension out.

Sat I am going to the Red Bulls game at Giants Stadium. I missed last week due to mothers day, but I had good reason to. Good thing I have my pop-up canopy and rain gear, seeing the weather forecast. Good news is that the Mets beat the Yankees tonight. Just made me feel good to write that.

Sunday has the potential to be an expensive day. I'm getting my car inspected and I think I need new brakes on it. So that could cost me a pretty penny. After that I am going to the cemetery to see my dad and aunt's site. My mom wants to plant a couple things around it. I”m not sure about how I really feel about going to see the site. I know I should feel sad, and I do I miss both of them dearly, but I really don't feel as much emotion about it as I should. But if I do feel any major emotions, it'll just be another swing on the wild ride that I”ve been on the past several days. I thank God I have this (and th people who comment to me about it) and people to talk to. I needed some outlet to get it all out. I would not like to see where I would be if I didn't have all these outlets.