by Peter Marus

Just wanted to post a couple things. I really have no major things to talk about tonight. I updated my resume, and can be viewed via the link on this page. I didn’t lose my job or anything, but felt like updating it just in case.

I also wanted to add I put a few links up on the side as well to a few more things I like and support. One is a blog of someone I know. It’s one about his DJ gigs and just some Dj-related/music stuff. He’s a good DJ. He’s not really one of those “break out the glow sticks and start popping some X”-type, at least not on the surface. For all I know some of his clients do that regardless of him DJing or not
Link here, as well on side of page
Another link is of a tattoo parlor ran by a guy I know. He did my tat and I will be using his services again at some point, just need to figure out what to get.
Link here, as well on side of page

Along with these there are a bunch of other links on the side, so enjoy. Yes I pimp other’s sites, but only those who are good and haven’t screwed me over.