by Peter Marus

So I felt like putting an update up for some of you. First thing is that I got my 16 hour NYS security guard certification done tonight, and I have to send in my info for my license in later this week. I also got a surprise call from a staffing agency I sent my resume to in response to a posting they had for a maintenance position in Midtown. I got a call back from them and they seem really interested in my resume. I go in for an interview tomorrow, and form how the guy sounded on the phone, it could be a good thing and maybe I’ll get it. It’s in the salary range I want and almost the same thing I did in my last job. On top of all this I have a couple leads for security guard work, and the place I took the courses had job placement assistance. So things at least look like there’s a chance my unemployment stage may be over soon.

Naturally, things are looking good. Guess what also happened, and those who know me shouldn’t be shocked and almost expected this to happen. The one thing that kept me smiling and going, and honestly kept me from going batshit crazy, is gone. I can’t say that I am not disappointed, I am. But I am also sort of glad it is gone and not around due the fact that the end was inevitable, and better now than down the road where it could have gotten messy. Given what it looked like it was going to end up being and what I had to do to keep things going, I am glad to have at least the month of positives, but the overall negatives surrounding it could have been a disaster. But whatever, the choice was made, and I have to leave it in the past and move forward.

I keep telling you that life is full of yin and yangs-good and bad things-to balance life. This is just another example of it.