by Peter Marus

Ah, this weekend was an interesting time. Spent Friday night in the house with my bottle of Jager, had several shots (somewhere between 8-12, lost count), and watched TV and played video games. Along with this also texing back and forth with a friend about her dating situation (why do the taken ones go to the single ones for advice-there's a reason we are single and that should be a sign to NOT take said advice, but whatever). While playing video games, I took out most of my team in one game, had several crimes foiled in another, and although still kept my unbeaten streak going in a third game, it took me longer to knock out my opponent. After a while, and enjoying the feeling of several shots, I decided to go to bed, and next thing I know I woke up Saturday morning.

Saturday, I got up and didn't have a real hangover. Did have a little bit of a headache but nothing that i'd call crippling. Well that afternoon, I went with some people to the “bodies” exhibit. If you haven't heard of it, its an exhibit about the human body and all the systems of it, but the catch is that all that is shown is real and authentic. The bodies and the parts are preserved in some way to keep it intact. It's controversial about how the bodies were acquired, something about the bodies being homeless and former Chinese prisoners, and they did look asian. I didn't find it nearly as creepy as I thought it would be. Sure there is some bit of creepiness (after all, these are real dead bodies), but it was done in a somewhat tasteful way. The only thing that I found remotely bothersome was the babies part of the exhibit. The part that bothered me was the fetus at 24 weeks. It bothered me because that was around the stage my sister was prematurely born. My sister was about the size of a barbie doll, and had to be on these machines for months. In fact, my mom has a picture of her and my Dad next to the incubator my sister was in. Somehow she turned out ok, despite she was on tight rope where she could have died or had some major issue, but she turned out ok. It's just something that hit me when I saw that fetus. Overall it's an interesting event to see.

South Street Seaport, where the event was, has changed from when I was a kid. It's “jerseyfied”, meaning that it's more like a mall than a historical tourist attraction. When I was a kid, all there was down there were small shops or museums and maybe a small restaurant or two. Today there are chain stores you would find in suburbia. But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe salty sailors did shop at the Gap, J. Crew, or the Bath and body shop. Those are stores who I first think of sailors as their cliental. After the show, we all went the Heartland Brewery (something not really fitting for the area, but they are around the city near major attractions), and had dinner. If you are ever in NYC, this is one of the better restaurants to eat at, and as I said they are close to attractions so it's convenient for tourists/rubes/hayseeds. Anyway the food was good, and the beer is not that bad either. They make their own, and a lot of their blends are quite tasty. After dinner, we all went to see the biggest waste of time-the waterfalls. These “art” pieces are put all along the East river, and all they are nothing more than a bunch of pipes shooting water out to look like a waterfall. They were supposed to be lit up, but weren't. Anyway after a couple oohs and ahs, I went home (while on my way home had to help my friend out again via texts), had some more Jager (on top of the beer I drank, I was feeling pretty damn good), and tried to watch the RBNY game on TV, but I decided to go to bed, and slept for 12 hours. I am pissed I didn't get to record the “Lazlow show”, but I'll listen to it when he puts the MP3s up on his site.

So Sunday was just a day of rest. Did some laundry, helped friends out with their issues, and watched some of the Euro finals on TV. Also did some thinking, and decided to get my TV stand this week. Also reflected on what others told me the past couple days, from the support of my friends and I shouldn't give up, to those who suggest I should seek help (which came up several times). Eh, overall I'm in a better mindset compared to last week, and I am cool with what has happened. I am who I am, and I accept it.